Shirley (Renoll) Zumbrum

Hanover, Pa.






Shirley, her husband, Bill, and their cat live in Hanover. They met at Kuhn Auto Sales in Hanover. They got married August 2, 1952, so they have been married fifty-one years! They have two children, five grandchildren, one step grandson, and one great granddaughter! She worked as a short order cook and he was an electrician, and they are both retired.


Shirley’s hobbies are bowling, bingo, and playing cards with friends. She went on to say, “We also like country music and country dancing and square dancing. We are very active, and our health is pretty good.”


Her favorite teacher at EHS was Mr. Leese, and she voted for Mr. Gruver as the most effective teacher.


She and her husband have traveled throughout the USA, and they enjoy attending major league baseball games, high school sports events, live performances of major entertainers, county fairs, local band concerts and events their grandchildren are in.


Shirley quite often thinks about the good old days when she enjoyed, “Walking around the square in Hanover with my girlfriend and roller skating at Forest Park.”


Shirley is proud of and thankful for …


“My family and my marriage.”