Sylvia (Reck) Sterner

Hanover, Pa.


Sylvia, her husband, Ray (also Class of ’54), and their Welsh terrier live in Hanover. They met in 9th grade, “I found this amazing guy who could fix my bracelets (over and over), who could also roller skate and dance, had dark curly hair and loved football.” They had four children (one deceased), and they have five grandchildren. Sylvia owned and operated Sterner’s Custom Draperies for 20 years, was also a store clerk and customer service rep, and she is now retired. Ray was a long distance truck driver for 48 years and he’s semi retired. Her hobbies are antiques, decorating, and gardening.


She sometimes thinks of the good old days and she liked it when “We didn’t lock the doors, and we knew our neighbors and most class members. Now there are too many students to know them all.” She is grateful for our modern appliances and for the great medical advances that have taken place over the years.


Sylvia is proud of …“Raising four children, being married 50 years, and owning my own small business.”


Her message to her classmates is …“I really enjoy seeing everyone at reunions and wish more would come. Ray and I always enjoy them and have fun talking to as many people as possible. I think there were seven classmate couples, and we had our 50th anniversary in 2003.”


“Our family is most important to us. Our oldest daughter worked at the Lancaster Bible College before she passed away and was married for 28 years to her husband, Jim. Our son, Alan, has worked at W.L. Sterner’s since he was 16 years old and has been married over 26 years to his wife, Wanda. Laurie works at Hoffman Homes with girls and was recently married to a very nice man, Wayne. Sara has her Masters in Physician’s Assistant in Toledo Hospital Trama and Surgery, and is married to the computer man in our family, David.”


“Many of us have had struggles and trials, and I feel our growing up when we did helped us to cope. Good health to you all and God bless you.”