R. Kenneth Myers

Hanover, Pa.


Ken, his poodle, Brandie, and Tigger the cat live in Hanover. His wife, Judy, passed away in March of 2002. They had been married for 41 years. He has three children and two grandchildren. Ken is a Pharmacist and an orthotic surgical brace fitter and he’s semi retired. Judy was an RN and a surgical brace fitter. His hobbies are a mountain cabin at Pine Grove Furnace State Park and refurbishing an old house of their dreams.



Ken sometimes thinks about the good old days when he knew the value of, and appreciation of,  being able to go into the woods and just sit under a tree. The 2000’s have brought him an understanding of, “Whether the glass is half full or half empty, there is always enough water to make a seed grow.”


Ken is proud of and thankful for … “First, the successful marriage to the love of my life, Judy, and the awesome creation and raising of our three children, Scott, David, and Susan. With my wife as my partner, we purchased the family business, Myers Drug Store, in 1975, and we worked there together until 1986 when Scott came into the firm as the third generation pharmacist, 67 years after the store was founded by my father. We were involved in the founding and running of a number of drug programs (mostly behind the scenes) which gave us a great sense of accomplishment and community pride. When Judy died very suddenly in March 2002, I needed a project to work on in the early morning hours, so I established a contact list of our EHS classmates. I’ve been in contact with, or talked to or heard from 218 out of 221 of our class mates (we graduated 185).” (Editor’s note: This scrapbook would not have been possible without Ken’s list. We all owe him a big debt of gratitude for creating and maintaining a detailed, accurate, and current list of the Class of ’54.)


His message to his classmates is … “As we move closer to our 50-year reunion, we realize more seriously that we have more years behind us than ahead of us. Hopefully we will continue to show those dearest to us our feelings of love and respect, and certainly never find ourselves taking them for granted.”


Ken served in the National Guard and he has a Bachelor’s degree from the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Science. Judy got her RN at Hahnemann Hospital School of Nursing in Philadelphia.