Robert W. Miller

Gettysburg, Pa.






Bob and his wife, Suzy, live in Gettysburg. They met at Boydies in Littlestown in 1953. They have two sons, and three grandchildren. Bob owned and operated American Floor Maintenance and he’s now retired. Suzanne is an Administrative Assistant to the Provost at Gettysburg College.


His hobbies are sports and he’s a collector of Winross trucks.


Bob feels the education we got at EHS was better than students get at today’s public high schools. His favorite teacher was Bernie Thrush, and Miss Menges got his vote for the most effective teacher.


He has been to Florida, Hawaii, Canada, Europe, and the Caribbean. 


Bob sometimes longs for the good old days. He liked the slower pace, less traffic, cheaper prices, and “no cell phones” (he has a cell phone) of those days. On the other hand, he does appreciate the restaurants, better transportation and better health care of the 2000’s.


He is proud of …


“Being married to the same person for 46 years. Also, our two sons have been successful in their careers and are wonderful husbands and fathers, and they have each been married more than 20 years.”


Bob’s message to his classmates is …


“Looking forward to seeing everyone at the class reunion and sharing a few laughs about old times.”


Bob served in the Army from 1955 through 1957. He was with the 3rd Armored Division, Headquarters Company, 7th Army.