George E. Miller

Hanover, Pa.


George, his wife Barbara, their chocolate Labrador, and two cats live in Hanover. They have a daughter and two grandchildren. They met through their mutual interest in archery at different archery tournaments. George was a cabinet maker and Barbara was a secretary, and they are both semi retired. His hobbies are photography and woodworking.


They have traveled extensively throughout the USA and Canada, and they have been to Mexico, England, France, Germany, Italy, Monaco, Nassau, Puerto Rico, and Jamaica. George and Barbara enjoy attending major and minor league baseball games, and concerts at Lake Marburg.


He sometimes thinks about the good old days, “The town was smaller, and the roads were not as heavily traveled”, but he likes our modern technology, “which makes life and living so much easier.”


George said, “We had a family business, so after high school I worked in the business learning to build cabinets, lay linoleum, and carpet. I then instructed other men how to install the different things we did.” 


George served eight years in the National Guard.