Eugene P. Miller

New Oxford, Pa.






Gene lives in New Oxford. He worked in the building trades as a carpenter, mason, and cabinet maker, and he’s now retired.


He likes gospel, country, and bluegrass music (particularly Ernie Ford) and also some classical music. He also enjoys old movies. Gene writes poetry, songs, and short stories, and he spends time keeping his 2 ˝ acre yard looking nice. He does volunteer work at the Brethren Home where his 100-year-old father has been a resident since early 2003.


Gene quite often thinks about “the good old days”. He thinks of those days as “my young days”. He thinks of the 2000’s as, “My good old days right now and I hope they last.” (Ed. Note: His mother lived to be 98, and his father is still alive at 100, so

it would appear he has a good chance of having his hope fulfilled.) He liked the simple affordable cars of the 50’s and he thinks they were better looking than today’s cars. He also liked the fact that the dollar was worth more, farming was a good way of life then, and that people believed in God and Jesus more seriously then than now. In the 2000’s, he likes our household appliances, our advances in medical technology (no more polio), and Gene says, “With age comes experienced understanding. In my Christian experience, I believe we are closer to the coming of our Lord Jesus back to earth again.”


His message to his classmates is … “I think of you often as I browse through my yearbooks. I wish I could have known all of you better, but I was always busy trying to make ends meet and had to work most of my young days. I didn’t have time for extra curricular activities during our school years. I had two older brothers who served in World War II. One was killed in Italy two days before the war ended there, and one made it through and got married in 1946. That left me to care for my folks, and I spent a lot of time helping them from 4th grade on through the years. I worked 7 years at farming, 30 years in the building trades, 2 years self employed, and 15 years as personal care giver to my father and mother.  I pass most of my leisure time writing poetry, songs, and short stories relating to the times and days of our lives, past, present, and future. It helps me relax from my labors. In my young days, I wanted to retire at 30, but now I retired ˝ mile off Route 30. I guess the Lord knew better and gave me my wish in his own way instead of my own. So be it. Amen!”