Nadine (Menges) Starner

York, Pa.





Nadine and her husband, John, live in York, Pa.  They both attended the same church in Hanover, but did not start dating until 1955, “when I was in nurse’s training and was taking care of his dad in the Eye Care Unit. John visited his dad and fell in love with the nurse in uniform --- me!” They have three children, and five grandchildren. Three of the grandchildren are triplets. She was an RN in OB/GYN, and was on the staff at York Hospital, and then Missions Coordinator at Church of the Open Door in York. She is now retired. John was Quality Control Supervisor at ESAB Welding in Hanover, and he is also retired. Her hobbies are walking, reading, knitting, and baking. Nadine is an active volunteer giving her time at Apple Hill Surgical Center, and as a leader of the Senior Adult Missions Team at her church.


What is she proud of (or thankful for)? … “I am thankful for the wonderful husband, children, and grandchildren that the Lord gave me, and that the Lord allowed me to fulfill two of my dreams. The first is that I always wanted to be a nurse. I was in nursing for 25 years, and have been using these skills with my family and friends. The second thing is that I was able to serve in missions at the Church of the Open Door, York, Pa.  I served as Missions Coordinator with the pastoral staff until I retired in 2001.”


Nadine’s message to her classmates is, “Fifty years seem like a long time to us, but they have gone very swiftly. During these years, we have experienced times of joy and times of sorrow. As I mentioned before, I have a wonderful family and am a nurse. I used these skills to care for my family, friends, and many missionaries. Even though I am retired, I am very involved in praying for and communicating with these missionaries --- my extended family in five continents! It is true that we have done many things during these 50 years, but most important is what we did with Jesus Christ, who lived a perfect life, died for our sins, was buried and raised on the third day. So, life on this earth will soon pass, but I am looking forward to spending Eternity in Heaven with Jesus Christ and all of those who accept him as Savior.”


Nadine got her RN Degree at the York Hospital School of Nursing.