Jack L. McLaughlin

McSherrystown, Pa.






Jack and his wife, Audrey, live in McSherrystown. They met in Hanover in 1964. He worked in car detailing and he is semi retired. She was a secretary and she is retired. Jack’s hobbies are travel and photography. He does volunteer work for the Red Cross, Feed A Friend, and his church.


Jack has traveled extensively throughout the USA including Hawaii and to Canada and Europe.


The things Jack liked about the 50’s were,  “less crime, less drugs, and no computers.” He likes the consumer items of the 2000’s such as air conditioning, stereo, and big screen TV.


Jack’s proud that he, “Got married and stayed married to the same woman for 38 years.”


Jack served in the Army from 1959 to 1961 at Fort Hood, Texas and Mannheim, Germany.