William G. Marsh

Hanover, Pa.






Bill and his wife, Arlene (also Class of ’54), live in Hanover. They have one son, three granddaughters, and one great grandson!  He was an electrician, Arlene was a retail manager, and they are both retired.


Bill’s hobbies are collecting military memorabilia and going to the beach.


He never longs “for the good old days”, but he liked the slower pace of the 50’s. He really enjoys the technology of the 2000’s including medical, computers, cell phones, and email.


Bill is particularly proud that he owns a mortgage-free home.


His message to his classmates is …


“One year after graduation, I joined the United States Marine Corps. After basic training, I entered the Air Wing of the Marines and worked as a jet mechanic. During my enlistment, I traveled to Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Cuba, and Puerto Rico. In 1959, I returned to civilian life with my wife, Arlene, and my son, Michael. I have worked as an electrician most of my life, a few years with Hanover Wire Cloth, and seventeen years with Doubleday.”


“My son, Michael, has a beautiful wife and three daughters. We had another addition to the family in 2002, a wonderful great grandson.”


“Arlene and I are now enjoying our retirement.”



Bill served in the US Marine Corps from 1955 – 1959.