Betty (Markle) Howe

Hanover, Pa.






Betty and her husband, Harold, live in Hanover. Between them, they have five children, fourteen grandchildren and two great children! She worked off and on between having children at: Doubleday (teletype operator typing up new books for many years); ten years doing secretarial and bookkeeping for her husband’s mason business, and she’s also done home interior sales. She is a homemaker at this time. Harold is a self-employed mason. Her hobbies are, “a pet rabbit, and flower gardening, traveling, reading, and I love keeping my grandchildren and helping out.”


Betty has traveled extensively. She has been to most of the states in the US and to Haiti, Spain, Morocco, Africa, and Canada (many times). She flies to Indiana several times a year, and she’s been to Alaska on the Inside Passage.


She is proud of …


“My sons, Barry and Shane Rodgers. They are both such dedicated husbands and fathers and dedicated to their professions and their faith.”


Her message to her classmates is …


“Always persevere, never give up hope and live one day at a time.”