Francis E. Marchio

Glen Rock, Pa.






Joe and his wife, Joan, live in Glen Rock, Pa. He and Joan met on the job and were married in 1987. He has three living children (his son, Joe, passed away in 2001), two step children, seven grandchildren, and one step grandchild. Joe was a quality engineer for AMP/Tyco and is retired. Joan is a realtor. Joe’s hobbies are metal detecting, fishing, and “watching my grandkids wrestle.”


He has traveled throughout the USA, and he’s been to Canada, the Caribbean, and Asia.


Joe thinks about the good old days quite often and misses, “prices for gas, clothing, everything” of those days. He does like our modern electronics including computers and TV remote controls.


Joe is proud that he has a nice home, and a comfortable retirement and that he was able to stop drinking with the help of AA and rehab. He’s also very proud of his children and grandchildren and their accomplishments.


He plans to attend the 2004 reunion and his message to his classmates is …


“This will be my first reunion, so please go easy on me, 50 years !!!”


 Joe enlisted in the US Army and served in Korea from 1956 – 1957.