Shirley (Lightner) Snyder

Hanover, Pa.





Shirley and her husband, Ken (Class of ’53), live in Hanover. They met in her sophomore year at EHS when Ken was a junior.  She was an office worker for 22 years and he was an architectural representative. They are both retired. Shirley’s hobbies are needle work, gardening, reading, and cooking.


Her favorite teacher at EHS was B. Henry Shafer, and she feels that Miss Menges was the most effective teacher.  Shirley and Ken have traveled extensively. They have traveled throughout the USA including Alaska and Hawaii. They have also been to Central America, Africa, and the Caribbean.  She enjoys college sports events, flower shows and Broadway type musical performances.


She sometimes longs for the good old days when she liked the slower pace of life and when people respected each other more than they do today. She is grateful for our modern medical technology and better standard of living for everyone of the 2000’s.


Shirley is proud of …


“I’ve been happily married to my husband for 48 years.”


Her message to her classmates is …


“Enjoy life to the fullest. After retirement, take one day at a time.”