Kenneth F. Leister

West Chester, Pa.






Ken, and his wife Peggy live in West Chester, Pa. They have two children, a boy and a girl, and two grandsons. They met during their senior year in college.  Ken worked in education for 17 years, then in industry, and is semi retired.  Peggy also worked in education and then as an administrative assistant in local government. She is retired. Ken’s hobbies are woodworking, sports, gardening, and target shooting. Peggy is an active volunteer at a local hospital and in the local school system.


Ken was a teacher and he thinks the education we got at EHS was better than the students get at today’s public high schools. He says, “I received direction … you have to be careful what you say today (as a teacher) or you will receive directions from a lawyer.”


Ken and Peggy have traveled widely in the USA including Hawaii and Alaska, and they have also been to Mexico and the Caribbean. One of the things he likes about our modern times is, “Being able to travel by car to any part of the country with ease, and to also be able to travel to all parts of the world by air with ease.” He misses the better ethics of the 50’s, “I think our word and a handshake made a contract in those days. We did not say one thing and do something else.”


Ken is proud of, “Being able to say we have two very responsible kids who work very hard to be a part of society.”


His message to his classmates is … “ I hope all of you have been able to take advantage of any and all doors that have opened for you over the years, but you know that doors open because you work hard.”


Ken was active with the Army National Guard until “the army caught up to my bad knees, then a medical.” He has a BS (double major) and a Masters degree from West Chester University, and he also took advanced courses at Villanova University. Peggy also has a BS and a Masters degree from West Chester University.