Alton C. Laughman

Lancaster, Pa.


Alton lives in Lancaster, Pa. He has three children, and seven grandchildren (one grandchild is deceased). He worked as an assistant property manager/service technician. Alton said, “I’m retired but still working full time.” His hobbies are writing, reading, swimming, exercising, walking, and consulting. He has done a lot of volunteer work in the past, but none at present.


He feels the education we got at EHS was better than that at today’s public high schools, and Miss Menges was his favorite teacher. She also got his vote for most effective teacher. He has traveled widely throughout the USA including Alaska, and he’s been to Canada, Central America, and the Caribbean.


Alton enjoys sports events of all types including NASCAR, major league baseball and football, and college and high school sports events. He also attends live performances of major entertainers, symphony orchestra concerts, plays, flower shows, county fairs, local band concerts, and events his children host.


He sometimes thinks about the good old days when he liked, “slower pace, better quality of air, honesty by the news media, and more freedom of choice.” He does appreciate our modern life styles and the advances in health care.


Alton is proud of, “had three wonderful kids. Although divorced, their mother and I are still very good friends. I am also very proud of my volunteer and charitable contributions to family, friends, and strangers.”


His message to his classmates is …


“I just hope and pray all my classmates have had the fulfillment and happiness in their lives as I have had in mine.”


Alton served in the US Army Transportation Corps where he was an instructor in aircraft repair and maintenance. He attended William and Mary College for two years to qualify for his Army Officer’s rating.