Dolores (Kopp) Chappel

Woodbridge, Va.






Dolores, her husband, Robert (“Sam”), and their two dogs live in Woodbridge, VA. She has five children, and six grandchildren. Dolores worked for Safeway as a cashier and in the office, and Sam spent 21 years in the Army, then 30 years as a soil test engineer with Soil Consultants, Inc. They are both retired .  Her hobbies are playing cards, fishing, and watching Redskins football games. Sometimes she longs for the slower pace and terrorism-free times of our youth, but she loves doing email and using her cell phone.


Her proudest accomplishment is, “Raised five kids and stayed sane and happy.”


Her message to her classmates is …


“Dear Classmates,

How I look forward to seeing each and every one of you at the 50th class reunion! I cannot believe time has flown so quickly. Hanover was a great town to grow up in. How I remember the church picnics with the bands and cake walks. We don’t seem to find those fun times anymore, and how wonderful to have those memories, along with many more. In 1955, I married Roy Hartlaub. This union produced five wonderful children, three boys and two girls. Two of the boys live in Colorado and one girl in Texas. One boy is about three hours away in Staunton, Va. And one girl resides in Stafford, Va., about 45 minutes away. There are five granddaughters and one grandson. I sure wish they were all closer to home; but, just as I chose to leave my hometown, they had to make their way in life. My first marriage dissolved after about 20 years, and I then met my present husband, Robert, better known as Sam. We have such a wonderful life together. We have done some traveling in the States and Hawaii, and love meeting people when traveling. We also meet new friends via the Internet, and six of us got together in September 2001. Actually, we flew on 9/11 and got stuck in St. Louis for two days. We were headed for Tulsa OK, but ended up driving there. While my health has been on a see saw because of back problems, I thank God every day for still being here. Pain and all, I still enjoy this wonderful life. God’s Blessings to all, and I look forward to seeing all of you at the 2004 reunion.”