Margaret (Kline) Duck

Hanover, Pa.






Peggy, her husband, Bob, and their cat live in Hanover. They have six children. They also have sixteen grandchildren and one great grandson ! Both Peggy and Bob are retired. She was an office worker and he was a printer. Peggy is very active in church activities. She teaches Sunday School, leads bible studies, sings in the choir, and spends time as a volunteer in the church library. Peggy and Bob have sung with the Hanover Community Singers since 1987.


Peggy’s favorite aspects of the 50’s were the slower pace, and the more respect shown by all --- especially youth. She is especially thankful for the advances in modern medical technology which “enabled our oldest daughter to survive a liver transplant over seven years ago.” She likes email and the wide variety in all areas such as food, CD’s, TV, etc. of the 2000’s.


 She is particularly proud that, “We raised our family to be responsible parents and citizens.”


Her message to her classmates is, “Those of us who are reading this have accomplished something by just living this long, and making an impact on the world around us.  We have two sons who have served in the Marine Corps. Bob, Jr. served twenty years, retired, and has continued to work.  The other son has worked at P.H. Gladfelter after his military service. One of our daughters and her husband are both teachers. Another daughter teaches part-time for HACC, and is a stay-at-home mom to our youngest grandchildren, ages 7 and 4. Our oldest daughter, Linda, who had the liver transplant, now holds a full time job in retail management.  Our youngest son lives in Kentucky and works in air freight. They are all busy with jobs and family, and they are all productive, responsible parents and citizens. We now have five grandchildren in college. Bob and I have been able to travel to England

and also to Israel, and hope someday to return to England to soak up more history!

We have had some rough times and still struggle at times, but Bob and I will celebrate our 50th anniversary in July of ’04, so we are indeed fortunate and thankful.”