Shirley (Kehr) Day

Spring Grove, Pa.






Shirley, her husband, Larry, and their cocker Spaniel live in Spring Grove. They met at the Forest Park Skating Rink in 1963. They have two sons, four granddaughters, and six great granddaughters ! (yes, six great grandchildren). She is a day care provider, and Larry is an owner-operator truck driver.


Her hobbies are sewing, making crafts, and camping with the grandchildren and great grandchildren.  Looking back, Shirley says, “I liked that there wasn’t as much violence back then. Now days, you don’t know when or where you are safe.” She does like the advances in today’s medical technology.


Shirley is … “Proud of raising two sons and being able to babysit my granddaughters when they were little and now being able to babysit their daughters once in awhile.”


Her message to her classmates is, “Just live one day at a time and take time to do things with your family because life can be too short.”