Willard W. Kagarise

Hanover, Pa.


Willard and his wife Phyllis live in Hanover. They met at the Forest Park Skating Rink in 1952 and were married in 1954.


They have nine children, twenty-three grandchildren and three great grandchildren!


Willard worked in furniture manufacturing and woodworking and he’s now retired. Phyllis is a housewife. 


His hobbies are playing bluegrass music on his fiddle for senior citizens at Golden Vision and Hanover Hall assisted care facilities. He also makes fiddles and cellos, and he enjoys hunting and fishing.


Willard feels the education we got was better than today’s public schools and his favorite teacher was Mr. Brubaker. He quite often thinks about the good old days when life was more simple and taxes were lower.


What does he like about the 2000’s? … “Retirement!”


He’s proud of …


“Learning to play the violin and had 9 kids.”


His message to his classmates is …


“Stay young and healthy.”