Richard H. Jones, Jr.

Hanover, Pa.


 “Forty years ago, I married the love of my life. Evelyn and I have had three daughters --- Jennie, Laurie and Jessica. Jennie has given us two grandsons, Jacob and Samuel.


After college, I taught in Bucks County for two years and then got a job selling to the dental trade which put me on the road fifty weeks of the year, but did take me all over the country. After another selling job, we started our own business.


We’re still working at ‘Dick Jones Sales’ where we sell materials handling and storage equipment to industrial accounts throughout the country.


For many years, Evelyn also operated her ‘pride and joy’ enterprise --- ‘Evelyn Jones Antiques and Surprises’ in New Oxford where she enjoyed a clientele from near and far. Her interests are still strong and areas of specialization such as Carousel Horses, Majolica, and Oyster Plates have afforded her a national reputation in some circles.


After spending so many years ‘on the road’, I’ve come to appreciate the opportunity to be ‘Home’. We’ve lived in Hanover since marrying, but did ‘change the scenery’ as much as possible and enjoyed many nice trips.


About EHS --- my favorite and most effective teacher was Mary Menges. In retrospect, certainly the responsibility of learning was mine and the quality of education offered was adequate. I’m glad to have been part of that (our) era. Who wouldn’t prefer rock and roll to gangster rap and the MauDra to a shopping center parking lot. Without too much effort, I can ‘flash back’ to The Creek, Boydies, The Bucket, The Orange Top, Marshall’s Diner, Ocean City, and more.


Retirement looms and I have mixed feelings about it. I’ll probably wait a bit.


Our family has been and is my blessing. Helping  to enrich and maintain it is my worth.


So, to my old friends --- a toast to your good health and to the good times.”