Albert H. Jacobs

York, Pa.


Jake lives in York, Pa. He has two children. His daughter is presently finishing her PhD at Penn State in Linguistics with travel and study in Chile and Spain. His son has his masters in math and will be returning to Grad School at the University of Delaware for a PhD in math. Jake has been a Chiropractor for 45 years and is still in full time practice, but he plans to slow down in the not-too-distant future.


Hobbies? “Working I suppose … I do very little fishing but some … my biggest hobby was following both my children as they participated in many sports and other activities which I never missed an event … other hobbies are following Gaither Gospel Music Concerts, NFL, NHL, and NASCAR … I still follow the football team my son played for in Dallastown, Pa.”


He says, “Yes I wish many times for ‘the good old days’, however, should they ever return, not too many of this generation could survive simply because they were not taught to survive. Too much was handed to them.”


Jake goes on to say, “You know the 50’s, 60’s, and to the present appear to have changed a lot, but as I have evolved through 45 years of practice --- I still find myself laying aside some of the ‘Modern’ technology and returning to basics to find my best results.”


In looking back, he says, “I am very satisfied with life because I was privileged to touch and help all the people I have, and I am grateful that I have the two wonderful children I have, however, I’m most satisfied that God chose me and privileged me to be a servant of His to His creatures.”


Jake’s message to his classmates is, “It is not how well you did your job, vocation or profession --- it all totals up with, ‘How Well Did We finish.’”


Jake received his D.C. and PhC in Chiropractic from the Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa.