Robin (Hoffman) Zartman

Hanover, Pa.





Robin and her husband, Horace (Pork), live in Hanover. They have two sons, three grandsons, and a granddaughter. She was a homemaker and he is a retired accountant.


Robin’s hobbies are gardening and antiquing.


They have traveled throughout the USA and Canada. During the past five years, they have attended college and high school sports events, symphony orchestra and Broadway type musicals, flower shows, and events their children host and their grandchildren are in.


She almost never longs for the good old days but she did like it when you didn’t have to worry about crime as much, and you did not have to lock the doors to your house. Robin appreciates computers, cell phones, much improved TV, and the ease of travel of our modern times.


She is proudest of …


“My children and grandchildren.”


Pork has a BS in Accounting from the University of Baltimore.