Joanne E. Harner

Hanover, Pa.






Joanne lives in Hanover with her furry companion, Dum-Dum. She spent her career as an office worker, and she is now retired although she does do a little part time demo work.


Her favorite teacher in high school was Mrs. Jones, and she feels the education we got at EHS was about the same as today’s public high schools.


She has lots of hobbies including: “crafts of all kinds, stamp collecting, gardening, and going to my club functions.” She is also a very active volunteer, and she contributes her time to Pal Lunch, Golden Visions, visiting the elderly, church Bible School, and the WELCA group at her church.


Joanne has traveled widely in the US including Hawaii, and she’s been to Canada and the Caribbean. She enjoys attending a wide range of events, and within the past five years she has attended: live performances of major entertainers, flower shows, symphony orchestra performances, Broadway type musical performances, plays, county fairs, and local band concerts.


She sometimes longs for the good old days when, “Life was slower with not so much stress.” She does appreciate our modern conveniences such as microwave, VCR, etc.


Joanne is proud of, “the relationship I share with my nieces and nephews.”


Her message to her classmates is …


“Forget past problems. Look forward to new adventures.”