Nancy (Hanson) Higgins

Lititz, Pa.


Nancy and her cat, “Shadow,” live in Lititz, Pa.  Her husband is deceased. She has three sons. Richard lives in Akron, Ohio, and David and Jeffrey live in Lititz, Pa. She was an executive and legal secretary and she is now retired.


She enjoys traveling, relaxing, and following the Warwick Warrior football team. She has traveled to Florida, Canada, and Hawaii. She also enjoys attending high school sports events, live performances of major entertainers, and county fairs.


Nancy thinks about the good old days quite often, and she liked it when there were more family (and neighborhood) activities and communication. She also liked the slower, more relaxed pace of life, and the lower level of crime in those days. She is grateful for the increased status of women and minorities, medical advances, air conditioning, and color TV with remote controls of our modern times.


She is proud of …


“Having and raising three wonderful sons.”


Nancy’s message to her classmates is …


“I will be glad to see everyone again and hope the turn out for the 2004 Reunion will be good, as we are all getting up there!”