David L. Hahn

Richmond, Virginia







Dave and his wife, Chrystal, live in Richmond, Virginia. They have two sons and three grandchildren. They met at church in Portsmouth, VA in 1955. He worked as a Mechanical Equipment Specialist for Va. Power (Dominion), and she was a Registered Nurse. They are both retired. Dave does volunteer work for “Feed the Homeless” every month, and he’s also the handyman at their church. His hobbies are wood working, yard work, computers, music, and sports.


He and Chrystal have traveled extensively throughout the USA, and he’s been to Canada, Europe, and the Caribbean. They enjoy attending major league baseball games, live performances of major entertainers, symphony orchestra and Broadway type musical performances, plays, county fairs, and events their grandchildren are in. He sometimes thinks of the good old days saying, “The music was and still is great, and moral standards seemed to be better.” He very much appreciates the technology of the 2000’s including, “New technologies for easier living (remotes, CD’s, stereo, etc.), advances in medical technology.”


Dave is proud of … “Raising and having a positive influence on our two boys.”


His message to his classmates is …


“I didn’t graduate with the class of ’54 because I left EHS in 1952 to attend Williamson Trade School. This turned out to be a big turning point in my life and it happened by chance, not by planning. I didn’t know I was going to Williamson when I completed 10th grade. Because of that, I never felt part of the Class of ’54, and still don’t feel quite right about attending the reunion. On several trips to Hanover for a family reunion, I always stop at the Myers Drug Store to see Ken. He contacted me first and is trying to persuade me to change my mind. I remember quite a few of the classmates and their photos bring back fond memories.”


Dave served in the US Army spending two years in Germany. He graduated from Williamson Trade School, and Chrystal graduated from Nursing School.