Wayne L. Grove

Scottsdale, Arizona






Wayne and his wife Audrey (Shaffer, Class of 57) live in Scottsdale, Arizona. He wrote, I knew Audrey when she was a little girl, lost track of her until 1959, and we were married in Hanover in 1961. They had a son who passed away in 1985 and a daughter, and they have two grandchildren. He worked in banking, she worked in food service, and they are both retired. Wayne enjoys golf, but his favorite hobby is singing. He has sung for 19 years with the world renowned Orpheus Male Chorus of Phoenix. This group celebrates its 75th anniversary this year, and they give concerts all over the world. Their website is www.orpheus.org. Wayne served as Treasurer and Board Member of this organization for 15 years, and is still the current Treasurer.


He has traveled extensively throughout the USA including Hawaii, and also to Canada, Europe, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Russia, and the Ukraine.


Wayne liked the reduced crime and higher moral standards of the 50s, but he also likes the ease of travel and wider access to more cultural events of the 2000s.


Hes proud of, My wife and I raised two fine children resulting in two wonderful grandsons, and Im also proud that I was able to perform with a world class male chorus.


His message to his classmates is, If you have the opportunity to travel --- do it. There is a big wonderful world out there with so much to see and so much to learn, and lots of new friends to meet.


Wayne has a BS in Industrial Economics from Purdue University and an advanced degree from the Stonier Graduate School of Banking of Rutgers University.



Wayne served in the US Air Force Reserve.