Daniel Groft

Hanover, Pa.






Dan and his wife, Blanche, live in Hanover. They met at the Revonah Spinning Mill in Hanover. They have five children, ten grandchildren, and (Sept. 2003) one great grandchild on the way! They are both retired.


Dan and Blanche enjoy attending the ballet and events their children host and events their grandchildren are in. They have traveled throughout the continental USA and to Canada.


He thinks about the good old days quite often and he liked it that life wasn’t so expensive then.


What does he like about the 2000’s ? ”No children at home, you can go when you want to, and come home whenever you want to, and it’s great to be retired.”


Dan is proud of …


“Got all our children through school plus I got married to my wife.”


His message to his classmates is …


“Hope you all have had a great life and be happy as I am with my wife soon to be 49 years together.”