Anthony D. Fulco

Hanover, Pa.






Tony and his wife, Betty (Eiserman also Class of ’54),  live in Hanover. They have three children and four grandchildren. They started dating in their senior year at EHS and got married a year later. He managed a PA State Liquor store for 30 years and then a book store for 5 years. She was a secretary in the retail field. They are both retired. Tony’s hobbies are birding, flower gardening, wood working, and target shooting.


They have traveled extensively in North America including Canada. They have also been to South America, Europe, and the Caribbean. They enjoy a wide range of entertainment including: NFL football games, high school sports events, live performances of major entertainers, symphony orchestra and opera performances, Broadway type musical performances, plays and events their grandchildren are in.


Tony and Betty have had a beach house in Bethany Beach, Delaware since 1990, and they enjoy spending a lot of time there.


Tony sometimes thinks of the good old days and he liked the low gas prices, slower pace of life, and the smaller population of those days. He does appreciate the advances in modern technology of the 2000’s such as computers, the internet, email, and the advances in medical care.


He is proud of, “I worked hard at one job for 30 years, and retired at 53, then managed a book store at the beach for 5 years. I raised a family, and have had a great partner in marriage.”


Tony’s message to his classmates is …


“Be thankful for what you have and have accomplished. Live well for your family and keep all of your friends.”


Tony served in the US Navy from 1954 to 1958.