Gerald L. Duck

Santa Fe, New Mexico


Jerry and his wife, Rosemary, live in Santa Fe, New Mexico.


“In 1956, I was stationed at the Naval Air Station in Jacksonville, Florida. My future wife, Rosemary, worked in the same office as I did. She was also in the Navy. We became acquainted, started dating, and were married 4/27/57.”


They have seven children, fifteen grandchildren, and one great grandchild!


Jerry worked in Information Systems (computer programmer, system designer, manager). He spent twenty years in the Navy and retired in 1975. He then worked for the New Mexico state government and retired in 1996. Raising seven children kept Rosemary busy as a housewife. Jerry’s hobby? “The grandkids.”


Jerry and Rosemary have traveled widely throughout the USA, and to Europe, Asia, and Africa.


He thinks about the good old days quite often and the things he liked were … “Everything was much less hectic and cheaper! People were much more friendly. The music! Music had a melody, you could understand the words and the performers kept their clothes on.” He does, however, enjoy many things of the 2000’s including, “Computer technology and the ability to instantly communicate with others via e-mail (I have kids in Japan, Virginia, Texas), DVD’s, video recorders, and surround sound.”


Jerry is proud of …


“Our seven children and the fantastic parents they have become.”


He spent 20 years in the US Navy stationed in VA, CA,  FL, Midway Islands, Guam, Japan, and Morocco. He took dozens of computer related courses over the years.