Patricia (Dubs) Graham

Westbury, New York


Pat is a widow and she lives in Westbury, New York. She has four children, nine grandchildren, and one great grandson ! She worked as a home health aide and she is retired. Her late husband was a truck driver.


Her hobbies are, “sewing, reading, TV, and my grandchildren.” Her favorite teacher at EHS was Mrs. Diehl. She enjoys county fairs and attending events her grandchildren are in. She thinks about the good old days quite often and she liked, “Better living, the lower cost of living, and more safety for the children” in those days.


Pat is proud of, “Raising my children to be good parents and good individuals.”


Her message to her classmates is …


“I am so grateful to be alive. I had a battle with cancer when I was only 31, but I am okay now. I really want to see my classmates at least one more time.”


After graduating from EHS, Pat took training as a nurse’s aide.