William H. Dell

Fort Loudon, Pa.






Bill, his wife, Bonnie, and their two dogs live in Fort Loudon, Franklin County, Pa. He has a son, two stepdaughters, three grandchildren and one great granddaughter! He and Bonnie met at the Main Street Tavern in McSherrystown. Bill retired at 56 after 33 years with Agway, starting as a truck driver, then fleet manager, then driver trainer and safety consultant. Bonnie was a restaurant manager and she is also retired. Bill’s hobbies are hunting, and truck modification and restoration.


His favorite teacher at EHS was Mr. Leese, and his vote for most effective teacher goes to B. Henry Shafer. He feels we got a  better education at EHS than today’s young people get at today’s public high schools.


Regarding travel, Bill says, “Bonnie traveled, I stayed in the valley (Path Valley, Franklin County, Pa.).” Bonnie has traveled to Florida, Canada, Central America, Europe, Africa, Australia, Alaska, the Caribbean, and Russia.


He thinks about the good old days quite often and he liked the fact that automation was simpler then. He is grateful for our modern advances in healthcare.


Bill is proud of …


“Raised three productive young adults.”


His message to his classmates is …


“My son, Jake, is a production/maintenance engineer for Atlas Copco Secoroc USA, and he and I operate Sweetwater Outfitters Whitetail Deer and Wild Turkey Hunting Service for several friends and business associates. It’s a non profit enterprise which we do for fun.”



“ Enjoy whatever you are doing today because it will not last as long as it has.”