Barbara A. Chronister

Hanover, Pa.






Barb lives in Hanover.  She spent 46 years at Doubleday (now Bookspan). She worked as a receptionist and in the office in the Accounting, Production, and Human Resources departments. She is now retired. She has many hobbies including jigsaw puzzles, ceramics, beading, bowling, Hanover postcards, pictures, and memorabilia.


Barb is an active volunteer for the Hanover Historical Society. She also spent many years helping in her church library.


She has traveled widely throughout the USA including Hawaii, and she’s also visited Canada and Bermuda.


Sometimes Barb longs for the good old days when, “life was slower and more respect was shown by everyone,” but she very much appreciates the new technologies of the 2000’s.


Her message to her classmates is …..


“Glad we all got this far in life. Hope you all have a long life, good health, and lasting happiness.”


Barb studied Secretarial Science at Thompson Business College, York, PA.