Carol (Bowman) Del Grande

Prescott Valley, Arizona


Carol and her three cats live in Prescott Valley, Arizona.  She has two daughters and three grandchildren. She worked for American Airlines in Tucson and is  semi retired. Her hobbies are horses; exploring the mountains, caves, and Indian cliff dwellings of the west; travel; reading; and … “I love college and professional sports and all outdoor activities.” (Carol circled every category of events attended except NASCAR in that section of the questionnaire.) She is an active volunteer for the Humane Society, Mexican Charities, and for the Republican Party.


Carol was one of the few who … if she could have had her choice … would not have been born in the 30’s. She would have preferred to be born in the 70’s because … “Opportunities for women have soared, and many new fields have opened up.”


She has traveled very extensively throughout the USA including Hawaii, and to Canada, South America, Europe, Asia, Egypt, and to the Caribbean. The things she liked about the 50’s were the simpler lifestyle, no computers, less traffic, and less crime. She also enjoyed the music, movies, and TV more in those days. In modern times, she likes the higher concern about the environment, and concern for preservation of the species. She is intrigued by the possibility of our future exploration to other planets. She says, “Arizona is filled with sites for astronomy. With our wonderful clear desert and mountain skies we’re all ‘stargazers’ here.”  


Carol is proud of …“I am proud of my daughters. Both are happily engaged in the work they decided on in high school. Michele is an interior designer working with home builders and private clients. She and her family live in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Andrea, who like me, is afflicted with a constant desire to slip her bounds and visit every corner of the earth, is finishing up her Ph.D. at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff. She’s lived in Hawaii, Alaska, Florida, Oregon, Colorado, and Montana. She’s now married and settled in Page Arizona where she has opened her own family counseling service.”


Carol’s message to her classmates is, “I’d like to send my best wishes to all my classmates and my prayers to those who have gone on. In the Southwest, we toast our gatherings with ‘Salud, Dinero, y Amor’ which means, ‘Good health, prosperity, and love.”


Carol has a BA degree.