Charles E. Bealing

Hanover, Pa.






Pete lives in Hanover. He was married for 12 years, then divorced. He has two sons, two daughters, and two granddaughters. He worked as a mechanic on high speed production machinery and he is now retired. His hobby is fishing.


He feels the education we got at EHS is about the same as that provided by public high schools today. His favorite teacher was Gladys Hamm and he also rates her as the most effective teacher. He enjoys attending high school sports events and local band concerts.


Pete sometimes thinks about the good old days when he enjoyed local dairy stores like Bupps Dairy and Conewago Dairy, and he liked it when there was a grocery store in each neighborhood. (Ed. Note: So far, he is the only one to mention those things. I hadn’t thought about Bupps and Conewago Dairies for years, but I agree with him … they were really great.) He does appreciate the modern technology of the 2000’s including answering machines, VCR’s and computers.


He is very proud of …


“Being the father of four wonderful children.”


Pete’s message to his classmates is …


“I was a part time bartender at the Hanover Elks Lodge  for over twenty years, and I may have served you or your children your favorite drink without even knowing it. I served banquets, parties, wedding receptions, and reunions. Some class reunions were Eichelberger classes.”