Charlene (Bankert) Gobrecht

Reisterstown, Md.





Charlene, her husband, Rodney (also Class of ’54), and their two cats live in Reisterstown, Md. She has three children, five grandchildren, two step sons, and four step grandchildren. Charlene owned a personal care home and served as a foster parent.  Goby worked as a salesman, educator, and administrator. They are both retired. Her hobbies are cross stitch sewing, traveling, and gospel music.


Charlene has traveled at every opportunity. She has visited Germany, Holland, Switzerland, Austria, and Canada. She found the Swiss Alps to be breathtaking and she was charmed by the beauty of the Black Forest, the North Sea, and Lake Lucerne. According to Charlene, trying to remember how many dollars equaled a guilder or a franc was sometimes a hassle, but the scenery made it all worthwhile.


She liked the higher moral standards and more patriotic love of country of the 50’s, but she also appreciates the medical advances and greater educational opportunities of the 2000’s.


Charlene is proud of, “I am very happy that I was able to be a positive influence in the lives of approximately 50 foster children over many years, and later to provide a loving, nurturing home to some very wonderful senior citizens in their waning years. I have been truly blessed.”


Charlene attended nursing school, and Rodney has a bachelor’s degree from Gettysburg and an advanced degree from Johns Hopkins University.