Dale G. Bair

Hanover, Pa.






Dale and his wife, Naomi, live in Hanover. They met on a blind date in Kingsdale, Pa. in 1952, and got married two years later.


They have 5 children, 13 grandchildren, and 3 great grandchildren!


Dale was a farmer, a supervisor at Black and Decker, a CAD workstation operator, and a Parts Manager/Systems Manager for a local lawn and garden dealer, and he’s semi retired. Naomi is a housewife and active volunteer. Dale’s hobbies are his lawn and garden.


Mr. Stoner was his favorite teacher at EHS and Miss Hamm got his vote for most effective teacher.


Dale thinks about the good old days quite often. The things he liked about those days were, “Much less stress and a slower paced life. Less drugs and peer pressure. Most times your family members stayed close to home.” He does appreciate the, “Better cars and highways to travel to visit family members who have moved to far away places to follow their job. Also computers and the internet.”


He is proud of, “Raising five children, two girls and three boys. All three boys are Eagle Scouts, and all five have graduated from college and are very successful in their job selections and life style. One grandson is an Eagle Scout also.”


Dale’s message to his classmates is …


“I am very thankful for the environment of the Hanover area where I grew up and raised my family. I think of the times in the 1950’s when we all thought that times were tough and that there was so much temptation around us. Now when I look at what our grandchildren are facing, I am grateful that my children did not have the pressures that they now have. They all have moved from the Hanover area, some to larger cities, and are facing much more drug and other pressures.”


Dale took some college and many computer courses after graduating from EHS.