Joyce (Alwine) Caudill

Hanover, Pa.


Joyce is a widow living in Hanover. Her late husband, Mack, passed away in 2002.  They met at a carnival. “I was there with a girl friend who knew Mack. We were married 46 years when he passed away. We lived in Downingtown, Pa. for 14 years before moving back to Hanover.”


Joyce has a daughter, Ellen, and two granddaughters.  She worked for Hanover Direct for 28 years and is now retired.  Her hobbies are: “Reading, knitting, and sewing (sewed most of the granddaughters’ Halloween costumes)”. She does volunteer work for the York County Blind Center, and for Golden Visions Senior Center. She also knits caps to go with the Coats for Kids.


She sometimes thinks about the good old days, and she misses the slower paced life and the more trust among each other that we had in those days. She enjoys attending local band concerts, county fairs, and events her grandchildren are in, and she plans to go see the NFL Ravens play in the fall of 2003.


Joyce is very proud of  … “Raised a beautiful, caring, and responsible daughter.”


Her message to her classmates is …


“Hope to see you at the reunion!”