Martha (Albright) Lookenbill

York, Pa.





Martha, her husband, Larry (also Class of ’54), and their Jack Russell terrier live in York. They had three children, two boys and a girl. One son is deceased. They have six grandchildren. Martha was an antique dealer and is retired. Larry is a trucker.

Martha and Larry were neighbors in Hanover, went to the same schools, and got married after high school.


They have traveled to Florida, Canada, and Europe.


Martha fondly remembers the “good old days”. She liked the safe, clean streets and the more modest dress of the 50’s. She also liked the friendly neighborhoods where neighbors got to know each other. She does like modern technology, particularly today’s appliances and our longer lasting cars.


Her message to her classmates is …



                                                “What we sow, we reap.”

“What we give away, we keep.”