Hanover High School Class of 1925 Reunions

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80th Reunion - Class of 1925

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Congratulation to Dr. H. Max Schiebel - Hanover High School Class of 1925 - who attended his honorary 80th Reunion held in conjunction with the Annual Hanover High School Alumni Dinner held Thursday evening, November 3, 2005 at the Elks Lodge in Hanover, PA.

Dr. Schiebel is retired and currently resides in Durham, North Carolina. He may be the only surviving member of the Class of 1925. He attended high school at the yellow-brick building on West Walnut Street from 1921 to 1925.

Max, nickname was "Speagle" in high school, attended Locust Grove school on the Hanover-Littlestown road. Locust Grove was a two-room school house at the time and one of the many "feeder" schools located in the townships surrounding Hanover that fed into the Hanover High School. He rode his bicycle to school and later took the trolley that came from Littlestown through McSherrystown and Midway to Library Place.

Dr. Schiebel went to College at Johns Hopkins and then attended medical school. He was able to afford medical school because of a no interest loan that he received through the Bank of Hanover during the beginning of the Great Depression.

You may read more about "Speagle" in the 1925 Nornir.

Currently, he is gardening and, with the aid of his daughter, writing his memoirs. Stop back later as we receive more information from Dr. Schiebel and his family about his years in Hanover. Dr. Schiebel remembers Forest Park and the Dentzel Carousel located at the Park until the late 50s.

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1925 Senior Picture from Nornir

Dr. H. Max Schiebel at the 2005 HHS Alumni Association Dinner

Dr. Schiebel and his daughter and son-in-law, Elizabeth and Andy Albright at the Alumni Association Annual Dinner on Nov. 3, 2005