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Due to the raising cost in travel, inquiries have been received about having a Multi-class Reunion.

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The Hanover Public School District Alumni Association meets on the following dates in Rm. 104, Hanover High School. Meetings start at 4:00 pm. All Alumni are welcome. Alumni are graduates or attendees of the current Hanover High School, Eichelberger Senior High School, and Hanover Senior High School located on West Walnut Street (yellow brick building) through 1933, and descendants of graduates of the Hanover High School located on High Street (1898 - 1913, current location of the Post Office).

* Monday, Jan 6
* Monday, April 7
* Monday, May 5
* Monday, Aug 4
* Monday, Oct 6
* Monday, Dec 1

The Alumni Association is comprised of representatives of graduation classes of the current Hanover High School and the Eichelberger High School. The primary purpose of the Alumni Association is to provide scholarships to graduating seniors each year.

Currently, the Association grants thousands of dollars in scholarships annually to individuals in the Hanover High School graduating class through our endowment, the Golden Scholarship Fund. Because of the ever-increasing cost of post-graduate education, the Association has committed to increasing the funding level and number of our annual scholarship awards.

Students, who graduated in 2013, will face an average student debt in excess of $27,000.00 by the end of their collegiate career. Every additional dollar that the Association bestows will not only reduce a student's debt but also the interest incurred over the lifetime of a student loan.

Since 1988, the Alumni Association has granted $116,000 in scholarships to graduating seniors. To expand the monetary value of our current level of giving and to increase the number of scholarships awarded, we need to double the value of the Golden Scholarship endowment over the next decade.

Most of the members of the Alumni Association are retired or soon will be. We are well aware that much of the measure of success that we have achieved in our lifetime can be directly attributed to the educational foundation that we receive as student in the Hanover Public School District. We cannot payback our teachers or our community, but we can "pay it forward." The Association asks alumni or others in this community, to consider contributing to the Golden Scholarship endowment with a one-time contribution, an annual contribution, or by including the endowment in your estate planning.

To learn more about the Golden Scholarship Endowment and annual and estate contributions, contact Phyllis Egger (EHS Class of 1961) at 717.632.0548. Or, send contributions to P.O. Box 620, Hanover, PA 17331. Checks should be made out to Hanover High School Alumni Association, Golden Scholarship Fund.

To learn more about the Hanover High School Alumni Association, contact Paul Hentz (EHS Class of 1964) at 717.572.5208 or

Members of the Association need not have graduated from Eichelberger or Hanover High School, but only to have attended an elementary or junior high school in the Hanover Public School District. Elementary schools located outside of the Hanover Borough but fed into the Eichelberger High School are included. Most graduating classes observe this rule.

Paul Hentz, Hanover High School Alumni Association President

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