Hanover HS Class of...


Thank you

To all who have donated money or helped raise money so far for the Class of 1988's 20th class reunion.  Every little bit helps!  Please stay tuned for our next fundraiser, August some time.  Watch the mail for more information on the reunion. 
Also the following individuals are still "lost."  If you have any information on them please forward it to catgirl3@comcast.net or give them my email address.  We are doing our best to locate every class member.
Kristi Niehoff Reichard
for the Reunion Committee

Angie Cromer Arnold

Mark Aumen

Melissa Beabout

        Angela Behney

Jon Bell

Jessica Biesecker Blumenthal

Troy Bossom

Sarah Bouchard

Peter Davis

John Eckard

Richard Fetrow

Mary Jo Flickinger

Dan Frey

Brad Harlacher

Tonya Heltzel

Miko Henderikson

Daryl Hughes

Pam Kuhn

Adrian Kurwoski

Kelly Landis

        Brenda Lawyer Layden

Mitch Lehigh

Robin Leppo

Burnell (Buddy) Little

Michelle Livesay

Randy Luthian

Brian MacDougall

Kerry  Baumgardern Meckley

Lisa Miller

Mike Mummert

Maria Yates Myer

Shawn Neary

Mirna Olivia

John Ratzel

Lynn Rebert

Tara Rummel

Frank Sanders

Rodney (Scott) Shadle

        Vince Shorb

Colen Sipling

Melissa Smith

Tonay Baker Smith

John Snyder

Rhonda Storm Smith

Shelia Snyder

Scott Swartz

Jim Talasco

Cynthia Wagaman

Robin Wagner

Wendy Wilheim Veasey

Serena Cape Warren

Steve Wisner

Ken Youngbar