Are You a Volunteer?

by Lois Dubbs /

Volunteers please log in your record of hours for the year. [1]:

Spring Keystone Assessments

by Susan Seiple /

The Keystone Exams are end-of-course assessments designed to determine proficiency in the subject areas of Algebra I, Literature, and Biology. Hanover High School will administer these assessments on the following dates: Algebra: 5⁄16 and 5⁄17 Literature: 5⁄18 and 5⁄19 Make-up Day #1: 5⁄20 Biology: 5⁄23 and 5⁄24 Make-up Day #2: 5⁄25 Information for Parents or Guardians Pennsylvania Keystone Exams What are the Keystone Exams?