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letter recognition, letter sounds, beginning letters, reading stories, phonics, poetry, tongue twisters, etc.

Math Skills Chicken Addition

ICT Skills

mouse skills

primary typing program

from bbc.co.uk

alphabet numbers
math magician
practicing math facts
KnowledgeBears.com blank Word document


1st and 2nd Grade

Quiz Lab for Teachers
Yahooligans! Reference

Fire Safety

Washington PTO Committees





Open - if interested, contact Tara Kauffman


Breakfasts Stacy Zitto 542-0073 staceyrbz@aol.com
Shawn Klunk 632-5521 sklunk1@embarqmail.com
Book Fair Tania Kuhn 630-1063 tkuhn2@comcast.net
Tina Poole 476-5032 jtpoole@comcast.net
Box Tops/Labels Stacy Heath 633-7907 shheath75@hotmail.com
April Hobson 637-2112 hobson1@comcast.net



Open - if interested, contact Tara Kauffman


Can Tabs Kathi Martin 632-8470 katmartin32@embarqmail.com
Children's Activities (Field Day, Skating, T-shirts, Student Gift, Attendance) Lisa Gallagher 637-4017 lgallagher@sayplastics.com



Open - if interested, contact Tara Kauffman


Dinner Out (Hoss's, Texas Roadhouse)

Tara Kauffman 630-9823 tarak2@comcast.net
Fundraising Karen Martz 633-6900 rkmartz@comcast.net


Hawk Cart

Open - if interested, contact Tara Kauffman


Hawk Walk Tara Kauffman 630-9823 tarak2@comcast.net
Jill Keeney 630-2273 keeneys@embarqmail.com
Hospitality Idonia Klunk 632-5521 sklunk1@embarqmail.com
Holiday Shoppe Jill Keeney 630-2273 keeneys@embarqmail.com
Idiona Klunk 632-5521 sklunk1@embarqmail.com
Pam Sturrgeon 633-1490 pamelasturgeon@pa.usda.gov
Market Day Jill Keeney 630-2273 keeneys@embarqmail.com
Membership Tina Poole 476-5032 jtpoole@comcast.net
Multi-Cultural Day Tania Kuhn 630-1063 tkuhn2@comcast.net
Playground Shawn Klunk 632-5521 sklunk1@embarqmail.com
Tania Kuhn 630-1063 tkuhn2@comcast.net
Scholarship Beth Mowrey 637-4424 mbmowrey@juno.com
Science Fair Beth Mowrey 637-4424 mbmowrey@juno.com
Spooky Story Night Stacey Zitto 542-0073 staceyrbz@aol.com
Spring Fling Tara Kauffman 630-9823 tarak2@comcast.net
Talent Show Tania Kuhn 630-1063 tkuhn2@comcast.net
Teacher Application Tina Poole 476-5032 jtpoole@comcast.net
Pam Sturgeon 633-1490 pamelasturgeon@pa.usda.gov
Yearbook Michelle Miller NO INFO


Co-chair Open – if interested contact Tara Kauffman

Washington PTO Events


August 24

6:00 - 7:30pm Back to School Night


September 2

6:30 - 7:30pm PTO Meeting


September - TBA

6:00 - 8:00pm Skating Party-Magic Elm


October 2

7:45 - 8:25am Dads and Donuts Breakfast


October 7

6:30 - 7:30pm PTO Meeting


October 16

During School Day Hawk Walk


October 22

7:00 - 8:30pm Spooky Story Night


November 4

6:30 - 7:30pm PTO Meeting


November 13

TBA Parent Visitation


November 24-25

various times Book Fair/Parent-Teacher Conference


November - TBA

6:00 - 8:00pm Skating Party-Magic Elm


December 3-4

During School Day Holiday Shoppe


December- TBA

TBA Restaurant Hours Hoss's Fundraiser Dinner


December 2

6:30 - 7:30pm PTO Meeting


January 6

6:30 - 7:30pm PTO Meeting


January - TBA

6:00 - 8:00pm Skating Party-Magic Elm


February 3 6:30 - 7:30pm PTO Meeting

February - TBA Evening TBA Dinner Auction


March 3

6:30 - 7:30pm PTO Meeting


March - TBA

3:00 - 10:00pm Texas Roadhouse Night


March - TBA

During School Day Talent Show


March - TBA

6:00 - 8:00pm Skating Party-Magic Elm


April 7

6:30 - 7:30pm PTO Meeting


April 23

7:45 - 8:25am Moms and Muffins Breakfast


May 5

6:30 - 7:30pm PTO Meeting


May 15

11:00 - 3:00pm Spring Fling


May 17

7:45 - 8:25am Grandpals Breakfast


May - TBA

During School Day Multi-Cultural Round Robin Day


May - TBA

6:30 - 8:00pm Science Fair / Spring Visitation


May - TBA

6:00 - 8:00pm Skating Party-Magic Elm


May - TBA

During School Day Field Day


June - TBA

During School Day Grade 4 to Mid. Sch. & Farewell Party


June 4 TBA

End of Year PTO Party

Founding Fathers

Founding Fathers

Daniel Boone

Wagon TheAmericanWest.Com - Western Merchandise!
Oregon Pioneer

The American West.com

American Studies--UVA

 Benjamin Franklin

Independence Hall, Philadelpia, PA
Colonial Hall Franklin Institute Library of Congress

Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson Foundation Library of Congress
The White House

William Penn

Wm. Penn Source Book U.S. Capitol

Big Kid's Page

Translation - La traducción

Use these links to use a Picture Dictionary.

English to Spanish

Spanish to English

Utilice estas conexiones para un diccionario del retrato.

El inglés a españolas

El españolinglesas

Translate text from English to Spanish

Translate text form Spanish to English

Traduzca texto del inglés al español

Traduce el español de forma de texto al inglés


Typing Spanish characters


Kids' Sites

On-line Typing Program

from bbc.co.uk




Units of Instruction

Minerals Founding Fathers Inventors


Science Sites

Enchanted Learning

Volcano World NASA KIDS Brain Pop




This site supplements the McGraw-Hill Science Series and provides quizzes for each lesson.

Click on the thumbnail to the left to access the slideshow without movies. Use the network version located on student servers to view with sound and movies.

Canadian Wildlife Service

Mr. Mowrey's Solar System

Build a Barometer
Disney Online
Build Your Own Barometer
EPA Region 7 Kids Page
Gray's Anatomy   Minerals Water Cycle
Air Pollution      

Endangered Animals Profile

Save this document to your personal folder and follow Mrs. Jarrett's directions.



ManatÍ en Español
This page is also available in Spanish

Enchanted Learning (all resources) Enchanted Learning Oceans and Ocean Animals


Social Studies











World Fact Book America's Story Native Americans
National Constitution Center in Philadelphia
Plimouth Plantation Jamestown Rediscovery Pocahontas - Fact or Fiction Jamestown Colony



Children put their math skills to the ultimate test with Math Mayheim! This fast-paced game lets students compete against other students from the same class as well as students from around the world.  Students may choose addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division.  Grades 2+

Spacey Math is a fast paced arcade-style math game designed to make the drill of practicing math facts more fun. It is divided into addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division with each level increasing in difficulty.  Grades 2+

A+Math Quiz Lab for Teachers
  math magician
practicing math facts

Education for Kids

Stop the Clock




Kids Domain
Activities, games, history about Thanksgiving from KidsDomain

turkey ClipArt from KidsDomain

History of Thanksgiving

Brief History

History of the Mayflower

Plymouth Plantation

Plymouth Plantation Virtual Tour

The First Thanksgiving

Blackdog Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving Day Story

Wilstar Thanksgiving



Other Holidays

  Valentine's Day  
Buckman School Picture
Buckman School Seattle Times Holidays on the Net


Art Resources


Health Resources

Kids Health website
health information for parents and students

Susan B. Byrnes Health Center
website for students